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Piyush Goyal
Railway Minister​

Faiz Khan

Piyush Goyal
Railway Minister​

Rajat Garg
Software Engineer ​

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Frequently Asked

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NFC is used in Easetap Business Networking Cards for seamless sharing of personal, professional, and business details. A simple tap on the phone facilitates quick networking.

Activate NFC on your phone, tap your Easetap Business Networking Card to share personal, professional, and business details instantly. It’s a quick and efficient networking solution.

  • Sharing contact information instantly.
  • Linking to websites, social media profiles, or portfolios.
  • Launching apps or specific actions on a smartphone.

Most modern smartphones support NFC technology, but compatibility may vary depending on the device’s make, model, and operating system. Generally, NFC business cards work well with Android devices, and newer iPhone models also support NFC functionality.

Yes, NFC business cards can be reused multiple times as long as the NFC chip remains functional and the information stored on the card is relevant.